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About Stina Sayre
I grew up in Sweden enjoying the great outdoors and working in my grandfather's clothing stores. In 1986 I moved to the island of Martha's Vineyard, as champion international windsurfer. I started Stina Sayre Design in 1989, shaping the business to be a small, sophisticated boutique where the design process happens right in front of you the costumer. When you visit our stores in Vineyard Haven and Edgartown, you will see me at the concept board with sketches or at the big cutting table cutting the latest out of some luxurious fabric. I have kept the business format this way as it has become the signature of who I am and how I work as a designer. Hands on in constant contact with my customer keeping my ear to the ground scissors at hand.

Beauty is strength
Inspired by the Scandinavian traditions of simplicity, function and innovation, merged with my life-long romance with the sea and nature. The style that emerged I call functional elegance. It's European, modern elegance, urban with a feminine edge, avant-garde and minimal. Two collections every year are comprised of meticulously crafted ready-to-wear and made to order clothing and accessories all that make you feel great, look fabulous and make you feel invincible. The collections build on each other from year to year so that you can pair a jacket from an earlier collection with this year's latest skirt or pants. As an artist, business-woman, athlete, traveler, sister, mother and wife, I understand that clothing has to fulfill more than shield you from the elements. I design to give my sisters style that is easy to wear and that convey elegance and confidence. The clothes allow you to feel like a woman, the woman you are and want to be.

Photography by Randi Baird
Fashion photography has always been an essential element of my expression, almost an extension of my design process. Since 2007, I have been so fortunate to have my designs shot by my great friend and colleague Randi Baird. From our first photo shoot, I found our process very inspiring as we naturally fed off one another's creativity and aesthetic. I believe our partnership creates something larger and I am always thrilled to see how my designs take on a life of their own thanks to Randi's artistry.

About Stina Sayre Design and Sustainability
Stina Sayre Design is a small, independent business that is built around sustainability. The employees, seamstresses, and manufacturers of Stina Sayre Design are located in the greater New England region where Stina Sayre Design is housed. The network of hands and minds that create Stina Sayre Designs are the fabricators of the clothes.